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Irish wool Bomber jacket with salmon leather finish, Irish wool Raglan sleeve coat with Beetle finished linen and salmon leather detail, Black Irish wool Islander pants

WE ARE ISLANDERS FASHION LABEL DEBUTS AT THE RHA GALLERY   Irish label, We Are Islanders, presented the debut collection “Tidal”at The RHA Gallery. The label challenges the concept of heritage, merging the old and the new while fusing art and fashion. The 2013 ‘Tidal’ collection brings a contemporary twist on traditional Irish fabrics through signature details of […]


“Couture du jour.” Bouchra Jarrar‘s PR man coined a catchphrase backstage before her show today, and there’s a good chance it’ll stick. No other designer working in couture approaches daywear with the same conviction. “It’s my signature,” Jarrar said. “I just think a woman looks most elegant in trousers.”

Rachel Sin Collection

Rachel Sin is a designer for both the body and city landscapes. The trained architect turned fashion designer says ‘having a sense of style is a lifestyle.’ You have to surround yourself in beautiful things to develop a keen eye for good design. While fashion and architecture often inspire one another, Rachel began developing a […]


SPRING 2014 “In a unique space between boudoir and bl a c k ti e c om e s my Sp ring 2014 Collection. I wanted to create clothes to be seen in…whether it is for one special person or to make an entrance. The choice is up to you. Everything is light weight, effortless and chic” […]


Ulyana Sergeenko turned to orthodox architecture and priests’ vestments as inspiration for her third couture show. Bell silhouettes replaced the wasp-waists of her recent outings, ruffled collars grazed the chin, and arms more often than not were covered. Deep pleats, dense wools, and an abundance of black and charcoal gray added a certain austerity to the […]


Women who have been fretting that their leather leggings and paint-on jeans just aren’t tight enough will be happy to hear they have a new challenge before them: The latex cigarette pants at today’s Felder Felder show definitely set a new standard for skinny. There were also sheer-ish latex pencil skirts and trenchcoats; taken together, the latex […]


If the launch of Stefano Pilati’s first collection for Agnona was somewhat unconventional, his intentions for the label are nothing less. He is making a stab at genuinely season-less dressing, and, to underscore that, the launch took place in a pop-up shop where people could immediately buy the clothes and see prototypes of upcoming pieces. Pilati decided […]


A.F. Vandevorst‘s program notes announced. Perched atop each seat was a tiny box filled with a sugarcoated Belgian chocolate; “Thank you,” the words on it read. To celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx took a trip through their archives.